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सभी उत्पाद

आपकी खुशी के लिए आपके दरवाजे पर पहुंचा दिया गया

All candles are hand poured with vegan, all-natural, cruelty free, luxurious, coconut-apricot, soy wax creme blend. The theme is LOVE, always.

Decorated with 24k gold leaf & rose quartz to bring you the power of love.

Waxes are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and come from renewable sources. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes, essential oils, absolutes and fragrances.  

Your choice of wooden crackling or special request a 100% all natural cotton wick upon request. Labels are all Compostable made from a sugarcane byproduct called bagasse + some hemp & linen, making this paper vegan and environmentally friendly. It's printed with certified compostable & vegan inks. 

Gift wrap, customized gift boxes and gift cards available.

Made in the USA.

Candles are lightly scented for those with strong scent issues. Wax melts are hand made with organic beeswax-soy blend. Enjoy a free gift with every purchase!  If you would like delivery to Kitsap, King or surrounding counties, it is available for fee to cover ferry costs. Inquire about private pour & sip parties, classes, custom orders & refill service! 

We love the planet. Don't throw away your vessels after using! Save your candle jars and send back for refilling.


We love to decorate and host parties! For a private candle party-online or in person, ordering custom wedding candles or for special custom orders, please book online.

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अभी साइन अप करें और नवीनतम उत्पाद अपडेट जानने वाले पहले व्यक्ति बनें!
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