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My Story

My name is CJ and I have always had a fond love for candles and birds.  I am half Japanese and have lived in Japan for several years while my father was in the military growing up.  I am proud of my Japanese heritage and am also interested in the history. It is a beautiful place and I was lucky enough to meet some of my extended family from my mother's side. What lovely people. I love the calligraphy, so I decided to incorporate it into my labels. 

My candles are made of a vegan, coconut-apricot, soy wax blend. The wax is phthalate free, non-toxic, cruelty free, and so smooth and luxurious. That is the reason I wanted to use this wax. I also use a wooden wick with only natural essential oils and absolutes. I adorn all my candles with a tiny bit of 24K gold leaf and most come with rose quartz in the Love Collection or monthly birthstones for the Birthstone Collection.  I source over half of my materials from women owned businesses and top essential oil, fragrance and absolute manufacturers.  My labels are eco-friendly and hand cut. The wax melts are made from a blend of soy and organic beeswax. Lastly, I find joy in making each and every product.  

I am not a photographer, so I'm trying to improve my pictures and website day by day.  It is hard being a one woman band! I'm learning how to build a website, do social media, design stuff, order and create! I'm glad to be on this journey in life, even though there are tuff battles sometimes. I am enjoying learning!


I have a pair of parakeets and a beautiful white dove. I worked with the raptors at a Wildlife Shelter volunteering with the education team where I have spent the last 5+ years volunteering and working hard to become the development coordinator last year.  I love wildlife and miss working there. 

My sister had encouraged me to make candles to go with her skin care line but that was challenging being in two different states working together. I had to take time off from my career as well to take care of my family during the pandemic.  It sounded like a prime opportunity to put some happiness back into life since I am not at the shelter any longer. 

Many aspects of my life have changed and I wanted to focus on a part-time, small business that I can be proud of and  make grow into something special I made myself, plus wanting to help my sister out with her company too doing something I love with my family's encouragement.

I wanted to make a luxurious candle that you would want to keep or give away as a special gift to that someone special. I came up with the name DREAMBIRD Candles, because of my love for dreaming and birds.

I want the Earth to see that we can take a little slice of time out of our busy day to light a candle, kick your feet up and relax for just 10 minutes, even if it is to hide from your children for some quiet time. It is important for you to have some time to yourself and focus on what is important in life to you.

Live life, spread love, dance when you get a chance & practice kindness and honesty to others.

Share love every day. Fly like a bird and dream.

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